"Why, Mommy.... why can't I go to camp too?"

Dear Friend,

You and other contributors have made a real difference in the lives of New Rochelle children. Because you care,
because of generous contributions from people like you, the New Rochelle Campership Fund was able to provide
opportunities for over 500 needy New Rochelle children to experience camp programs during the summer. Now, we
need your help again to continue this vital work.

The children in our New Rochelle community should enjoy a safe, happy and meaningful summer experience. But not all
families are able to provide this important opportunity. As a not-for-profit fund, Campership is still the only agency that
exists solely to send New Rochelle's financially needy children to camp" we have been at it since 1957, when it all

Your gifts - 100% of them - are used to support scholarships to not-for-profit camps for children who would otherwise
never know the many joys and benefits of summer camp. This is what those children and their parents say:

-  "It was so much fun, Mommy! Can I go back?" said a child with disabilities, who learned to swim at camp.

-  "There's a whole other world out there. I learned so much at camp that I am going back next year for the teen
leadership program. It even helped me do better when I started in High School; now I want to go to college and work
with kids." - From a young New Rochelle teen.

-  "My girls got to go to camp for the first time ever. They learned so much, like how to be part of a real team!" So said
a parent whose children attended camp for the first time last summer.

-  From yet another parent: "I could not have done it without you! I'm a single mom; I work, I go to school, and I barely
make ends meet. So I am so grateful that you helped my son go to camp. He could not have gone anywhere without the
Campership Fund."

With your help many New Rochelle boys and girls will have a memorable, fun filled Summer. $ 30 will mean an extra
day at camp for a needy New Rochelle child. $ 150 will mean a weeks camp experience that would not happen without
your help.

HOW TO DONATE                              
P.O. BOX 255, NEW ROCHELLE, NY 10804
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