Excerpts and Perspectives from Community Leaders

"Were it not for the persistent and enduring efforts of the New Rochelle Campership Fund and its loyal supporters,
many of this city's children would simply fall through the cracks over the long summer Vacations."
Evelyn Forman (Deceased) - Longtime Civic Leader

"The allocations we receive from the New Rochelle Campership Fund not only provide recreational opportunities
for emotionally disturbed children. We also work with the camper's families, providing counseling and help with
Richard Hlavacek - Former Executive Director, Guidance Center

"One of the more satisfying efforts we can make is to help children whose lives may be filled with fear or neglect to
find some of the joys of childhood that camp-ing with new friends can provide."
Elmer H. Miller - (Deceased) Former Editor, Standard-Star

"When we serve the children of our community, we are serving our own future."
Isaku Konoshima (Deceased) - Former Chairman, New Rochelle Campership Fund

"Over the years it has been a wonderful experience to learn in late August how many children were sent to camp.
Best of all, it was always more than we had originally planned for.
June Schetterer - Twenty-year member of the Campership Executive Board

Campership is the difference between playing in the streets all summer or enjoying an abundance of healthy,
productive activities."
- Jacquetta Cole -  (Deceased) Community Action Agency Executive

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