To donate by CHECK send to the address below:

                 New Rochelle Campership Fund, Inc.
                 P.O. Box 255
                 New Rochelle, New York 10804

Please make the check payable to the New Rochelle
Campership Fund. Please include your name and address and
tell us you viewed this web site. You may access a printable
donation form by
clicking here or below. To reduce costs and
make sure your entire contribution goes to the children, we ask
that your canceled check serve as your receipt - Thnaks
P.O. BOX 255, NEW ROCHELLE, NY 10804
Helping Our
To donate by PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD
click on the Donate button below
(as a charitable organization only 2% of your donation
via Paypal will go to administrative fees)
$30 sponsors a day of camp for a child
$60 sponsors two days of camp
$150 sponsors a week of camp
$300 sponsors a full two weeks summer
camp vacation
And remember
your donation is
tax deductible
Your contribution may pay tribute to a favorite teacher, a
friend, a public figure. It may memorialize a loved one, be used
to say "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" or recognize
any other special occasion. We will be happy to honor any
request! We will send an acknowledgment to the person
If using PayPal, enter these instruction's by clicking "Special
Donation Instructions" after making your donation. If you want
us to send an acknowledgment please add an address.

Yet another way to benefit children is to remember the
Campership Fund in your will.

Thanks for giving a child a priceless gift -  a gift of summer fun
and hope.
Click here to see a
copy of our IRS 501
(C) 3 from showing
our tax exempt status